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BT 3500

BT 3500

Automatic analyzer random access for clinical-chemistry and immunoturbidimetry computer controlled. Automatic –upon programmation – pathological results repetition with or without automatic dilution. Automatic – upon programmation – pathological results in the panic range repetition. Urgent tests in actual time (STATs). Sophisticated software for the system control. Software running under Windows 2000 Professional®. 40 on line tests mono or double reagent, refrigerated. 78 positions sample tray, programmable for samples, standards, controls and STATS.
Analyzer throughput: 360 test/h without ISE module. ISE module: 240 test/h. Two bar code readers for the positive identification of samples and reagents. Easy maintenance. No consumables.
Automatic washing of the reading cuvettes. Automatic – upon programmation – calibration of the I.S.E. module. Relation tests. Real pre-dilution up to 1:500. Clot Sensor: For Samples and Reagents.
Log file for data and performed operations.Vocal and on screen error messages.Touch screen monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse.


BioTechnica 3500

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