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BC 240 plus

BC 240 Plius
Throughput : Constant 240 tests/hour,  24 hours ready to use,
Wash Station : Autowash.
Cooled System : 24 Hour Refrigerated For Reagent.


General Specifications

Sample Module
● Up to 90 sample positions can be loaded continuously on sample disk with barcode recognition
● Micropipette technology, sample volume per test can be reduced to 2.0 μL
● Batch, Random access, STAT channel available

Reagent Handing
● Reagent disk has up to 90 reagent positions, temperature 2℃-12℃, with reagent barcode reader
● Reagent inventory real-time detection, display the remaining number of tests
● Automatic reagent replace function, applied to examination system for mass inspection

Photometry System
● Holographic concavity flat field grating, rear spectroscopy technology
● Wavelength range: 340-800 nm, simultaneously on the 16 wavelengths for detection
● Stable optical path detection system, wide absorbance linear range, high resolution ratio

Constant Temperature System
● 80 reaction cups totally
● Constant temperature by solid phase system, makes temperature stable
● Real-time temperature monitoring, displaying and alerting function

Operating System
● Full monitoring, flexibility and convenience, touch screen
● LIS interface, via ethernet, bidirectional communication.


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