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Our Daily Activity

In maximizing service, we conduct routine training for support teams, as well as training for all customers

Team Support Training

In an effort to maximize the capabilities and competencies of the technical team, breefing and training for the entire team of technicians is held every week to be able to master all products distributed by the company, especially understanding the equipment installed in the hospital, and understanding when the equipment the damage occurred.

Customer Training

In the use of analyzers, all tool users are required to follow usage training, so that in using the tool according to the recommended procedure, and avoid the wrong inspection. Because if the inspection is wrong, then the results issued by the tool can be invalid or incorrect.


Manufacture Training Center

Our company is equipped with experts in the field of electromedic, besides that we continue to strive to improve the competence of our support team by conducting training at the Manufacture Center

Some of the companies that experienced and worked with us

"Our priority level is convenience and security for all customers in using our instruments"
Jaka Putranto
Technical Manager
We always strive to provide education to all our customers for the smooth and efficient use of the budget available at the Laboratory and at the Hospital.
Deni Purwanto
Product Specialist

We always offer the best

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